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Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network Conference (SATURN 2017)

Inverness Hotel and Conference Center in Englewood, Colorado

May 1-4, 2017

As the premier software architecture conference for senior engineers, SATURN offers keynotes and sessions on both essential skills and cutting-edge methods for software architects.  More info at:  http://www.sei.cmu.edu/saturn/2017/index.cfm

  Upcoming Event

Dine and Learn Program

VPKI Hits the Highway – May 9, 6-9 pm 

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With the increasing prospects of deploying vehicular networks there are challenges and debates. Viable deployment models, different air interfaces, spectrum sharing issues and security and privacy concerns are among the most topical issues of industry debate. This talks present a condensed account of the 10-year effort to develop and deploy vehicular public-key infrastructure (VPKI) as a security infrastructure for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) intelligent transportations systems (ITS).   An examination of the Secure Credential Management System (SCMS) will highlight the ways in which government, industry, and academia have converged to secure the promise of vehicular networks as ITS emerges as a reality of the 21st century.  A case study of the current US Department of Transportation’s Connected Vehicle Pilot will be the focus of the presentation.

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Tim Weil is a Senior Member of the IEEE and Security Editor for IT Professional magazine (IEEE). In the areas of Vehicular Networks his work includes the IEEE 1609 (WAVE) standards, US DOT VII/Intellidrive and Connected Vehicle programs, author and speaker on topics in Security for Vehicular Networks. His interests include “Service Management for Vehicular Networks Using WAVE.  (IEEE 1609) Protocols” and topics related to the PKI models for implementing IEEE 1609.2 (WAVE Security). Mr. Weil is an industry-certified security professional (CISSP/CCSP, CISA, PMP), past chair of the IEEE Denver Communication Society Chapter and maintains the ‘Security for Automotive Networks’ research portal for international ITS programs.

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Denver Section Executive Committee Meeting – all welcome to attend and observe

When:  Tuesday, May 16, 6-9 PM

Where:  The Original Brooklyn’s, 2644 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204

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Photoacoustic Glucose Monitoring

at Rock Bottom Brewery, Westminster, CO

11 April 2017

The Photoacoustic effect can be used to identify the type and concentration of specific molecules in a region of interest accessible to laser light.  A substantial body of literature exists showing that the effect can be used to detect glucose levels in human blood non-invasively but a method for measuring blood glucose levels in a way that can be miniaturized for continuous monitoring by diabetics has not been demonstrated.  This presentation will show a benchtop system designed and built by the Honors Engineering Physics class at Cherry Creek High School. 

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Topic: Machine Listening: Making Computers Understand Sound

University of Colorado, Boulder

Date: 11 April 2017

Prof. Paris Smaragdis of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Enabling machines to perceive the world using various modalities is one of the holy grails of artificial intelligence. In this talk I will present some research on creating machines that do as such by listening. I will discuss some of the unique difficulties in this field and present a thread of research which spans a range of computational disciplines relating to signal processing, machine learning and cryptography. This research will be introduced in the context of classic audio problems such as time/frequency analysis, music transcription, source separation, recognition in mixtures and more. I’ll show how this work generalizes and finds applications to other domains, what its practical implications are, and what it takes to move it from the whiteboard to the real-world.

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April 6 – 8: Colorado Science and Engineering Fair  Colorado State University

Mission:  The Colorado State Science Fair, Inc. honors excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; providing opportunities for students from all regions of the state to create and present their research in environments that nurture interests in science and technology; promoting professional skills, high ethical standards, diversity, and continuing intellectual development. 

Click here to link to the CSEF


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9th Annual IEEE Green Technologies Conference

29-31 March 2017


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